About Hot Cats Catnip Toys

Sox has a mellow moment with his favorite catnip toy

C.J. adores his Hot Cats Deluxe toy

We make the kitties of the world happy…

– that’s our job!


Since 1982, our dedicated staff of family and friends has hand crafted Hot Cats catnip toys from our small shop tucked in the Oregon woods.

For f decades at Full Circle Herb, we’ve been purrsnickety about our products’ quality, materials, and packaging.   Our catnip has always been #1 Top Grade Catnip herb, Certified Organically Grown by the state of Oregon, and our packaging is high-barrier cellophane. 


Hot Cats are catnip toy “sausages” stuffed full with only the finest quality catnip leaves and flowers, organically grown here in the Pacific Northwest.

The single link toy is packed with 1/2 cup of herb – no fillers.

The Deluxe is even more lavish – 1 1/2 cups of catnip in a 4-link shape that provides even more action and fun.


Hot Cats are carefully sewn of sturdy denim twill in a bright assortment of colors and prints. You’ll be amazed how this toy stands up to wild kitty mauling. As you can see from our fan mail in Pics N Purrs Happy Catnip Loving Cats and Hall of Fang, discerning cats agree – It’s the best!

Emma's Turn 1


The herb catnip (nepeta cataria) is a member of the mint family. The aroma of fresh or dried catnip sends some cats into spins of ecstasy -literally flipping over it, while others go limp with relaxation. Another 20% or so have an inherited immunity and won’t react at all. Also, kittens up to the age of about 9 months often ignore or show fear of catnip. If your kitten acts this way, put the toy away until kitty gets older.

People often tell us that their cat never liked catnip before, but goes crazy over their Hot Cat toy. We think the secret is the potency of our catnip – and the quantity. We use only the best, most aromatic leaves and flowering tops. We’ve built our reputation on this quality since 1982.

What is the Secret to Hot Cats Success?

*Stuffed with pure catnipno fillers
*Eye catching designHot Cats come in an assortment of eye catching colors, patterns, and prints, including bright stripes and florals.
*Toughwill withstand mauling
*Fresh and potentWe’re purrsnickety about using only certified organically grown#1 quality catnip leaf and flower-not the “toy grade” (sticks & stems) found in other toys.  Even though our cellophane packages seal in the aroma, most cats will smell the difference right through the bag.

Full Circle Herb Co.
certified organic by Oregon Dept. of Agriculture