About Hot Cats Catnip Toys


We make the kitties of the world happy...

--that's our job!


CJ adores Hot Cats

C.J. adores his Hot Cats Deluxe toy!


Since 1982, our dedicated staff of family and friends has hand-crafted Hot Cats catnip toys from our small shop tucked in the Oregon woods.  For over forty years at Full Circle Herb, we've been purrsnickety about our products' quality, materials, and packaging.   Our catnip has always been #1 Top Grade Catnip herb, Certified Organically Grown by the state of Oregon, and our packaging is high-barrier cellophane.

Hot Cats are catnip toy "sausages" stuffed full with only the finest quality catnip leaves and flowers, organically grown here in the Pacific Northwest.

The single link toy is packed with 1/2 cup of herb - no fillers.

The Deluxe is even more lavish - 1 1/2 cups of catnip in a 4-link shape that provides even more action and fun!



Emma blissfully enjoying her Hot Cats Deluxe






Hot Cats toys are carefully sewn of sturdy denim twill in a bright assortment of colors and prints. You'll be amazed how this toy stands up to wild kitty mauling.

As you can see from our fan mail in Pics and Purrs and Hall of Fang, discerning cats agree - It's the best!




Rue, shown here snuggling with her Hot Cats toy



Aromatherapy for cats

  • After exhausting themselves playing with their Hot Cat toy, often cats are totally relaxed - for some cats, a perfect time to trim their claws or perform other grooming tasks.
  • Catnip - induced play gets older cats to exercise
  • A little loose catnip sprinkled in a bowl of drinking water can aid kitty’s digestion.  Be sure to have a bowl of fresh water available as well.
  • It can be a comforting toy during confinement and convalescence




Norman convalescing with his Hot Cats toy


Norman had just had surgery (9 teeth pulled) when we brought him home.   He wasn’t very happy so we brought out his new Hot Cats!   Here is a pic of him enjoying his toy as he recovers from surgery.   As you can see, he doesn’t even seem to care that he’s missing teeth because he has a new Hot Cat.
~Laurie & Norman, Banks, OR


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What is the Secret to Hot Cats Success?

*Stuffed with pure catnip-no fillers
*Eye catching design-Hot Cats come in an assortment of eye catching colors, patterns, and prints, including bright stripes and florals.
*Tough-will withstand mauling
*Fresh and potent-We're purrsnickety about using only certified organically grown#1 quality catnip leaf and flower - not the "toy grade" (sticks & stems) found in other toys.  Even though our cellophane packages seal in the aroma, most cats will smell the difference right through the bag.

Full Circle Herb Co.
Certified organic by Oregon Dept. of Agriculture